About Us

SecurTel was designed to help the families and loved ones of inmates stay connected to each other without costing them a fortune in jail call charges. We believe in the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity but we’d like to help the process by allowing families to call and stay connected without paying exorbitant jail call rates. Long distance jail calls can sometimes run phone bills in the thousands of dollars and this makes staying in touch with inmates difficult and expensive. We help them reduce those rates by providing them with a phone number local to the facility they are trying to reach then forwarding all calls to that number.

SecurTel Helps Families

Our service of reducing long distance jail call charges helps mostly families. We realize this and have adapted to better serve these hard working and honest people. When disaster strikes and a family member goes to jail in another state or a close friend gets locked up it can be difficult for everyone. The best solution is always one with patience and care. That’s why we employ such great customer service and return policies for our customers. When you are in need SecurTel is there to help.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce recidivism among US inmates who complete their sentences by helping them maintain family relationships while incarcerated. By lower jail call rates through our special jail call phone numbers we hope to save money for loved ones of inmates thereby making it easier for them to remain in contact with an inmate. Time spent behind bars can affect a person in profoundly negative ways, we hope to alleviate the feelings of hopelessness and isolation US inmates feel while incarcerated. SecurTel is committed to providing useful family services for inmates and their loved ones such as a inmate locator, jail calling service, and online postcard mailing service.