How SecurTel Works

SecurTel helps save money on inmate calls by connecting your phone to the lowest cost-per-minute area codes your prison facility charges. Every US prison charges different rates for local and long-distance jail calls. With SecurTel, we set you up with the guaranteed lowest rate. When an inmate calls the special phone number we provide, the call is forwarded to your phone.

To begin, simply sign up on our website, give us the name of the facility you are trying to reach, and your phone number for forwarding.

Learn more about how to make inmate calls by reading our inmate call guide.

  • First, Select SIGN UP NOW to create your SecurTel Jail Phone Number.
  • Next, we will generate a new special phone number for you that guarantees the lowest per-minute fees.
  • Then, register your newly assigned phone number at your inmate's jail or prison facility.
  • Then, add funds to your jail or inmate phone account with GTL, Securus, or another service.
  • When your inmate calls this phone number, your calls will be forwarded to you at the lowest possible price.


We do not place call or minute limits on your SecurTel Jail Phone Number. Your jail facility charges you separately for your “in jail” talk time. SecurTel is not affiliated in any manner with the jail facilities. We have no control over jail facility phone rates or policies.