At SecurTel, we work hard to provide services that encourage healthy relationships between inmates and their families. But, unfortunately, inmate call charges can cost you a fortune. These high rates per minute mean you may struggle to maintain relationships with your incarcerated loved ones.

For $, you can get our 90-day service plan. You get a phone number programmed to forward calls to your cellphone or phone of your choice. When inmates call this number, you will save money on long-distance or local jail calling rates charged by GTL or SecurusTech. Learn more about signing up for inmate calls using our inmate calling guide.


Get a special jail call phone number for $ for 90 days with SecurTel. When an inmate calls this number, it will forward to your phone, and the cost per minute will be the lowest possible rate. Our service works by finding the lowest inmate calling rate possible for the facility you are trying to reach. We create a phone number and forward all calls to your phone to save you money on inmate calls.

We purposely made it easy to sign up and start calling with us. We know that each of our customers are honest and hard-working people. We don't want creating an account to be a hassle for you in any way, shape, or form. If you need help, contact our support team.


If the inmate you are trying to reach hasn't signed up to call you or doesn't know how, then you can send them a postcard for $0.52 each. Send your loved one text or images using our online software. Give your loved one your special SecurTel jail call phone number so you can save money every time they call you over the standard calling rates charged by GTL or SecurusTech.

We provide a top-quality inmate postcard sending service that will let you send custom postcards right from our website. So get started with us and see for yourself just how much you can save with SecurTel.